PrecisionrapXL - Handheld Pallet Wrapping System

The convenient and consistent handheld pallet wrapping system that puts the performance of expensive automated pallet wrap machines into the palm of your hand.

  • SAFER: No more bending or walking backwards
  • EFFICIENT: No bottlenecks waiting for wrapping machines
  • ECONOMIC: Lower cost per pallet & no cardboard

PrecisionrapXL is a unique patent protected dispenser; the safe, and easy to use solution to all of your pallet wrapping needs. Learn how simple it is to use PrecisionrapXL - a few quick steps are all it takes!

“There’s nothing else in the market that even comes close to being as effective or as consistent to use as PrecisionrapXL. It's like putting a quality control manager at every wrap station because everybody does it exactly the same. If you’re concerned about providing a level of load integrity to every product that goes out the door - this is the best system on the market, bar none!”

Bob Walsh
Inventor, PrecisionrapXL

Precisionrap XL System Benefits

Benefit Precisionrap XL Hand Wrap
Environmental   Same or better load stability with significantly less pallet wrap by weight. No cores to dispose of.    
Consistent Quality   Consistent “machine-like” application and control means optimum wrap tension and load containment.    
Ergonomic   Can significantly reduce musculoskeletal disorder (MSD) hazards and employee fatigue.    
Health & Safety   Reduces the risk of occupational accidents. No more bending over or walking backwards.    
Economic   Delivers a lower true “cost per pallet”. No cardboard core means no disposal costs.    
Annual Pallet Wrap Consumption   Significant reductions in annual pallet wrap roll consumption.  
Up to 45% Less
Pallets Wrapped / Film Roll   The higher number of pallets per roll means fewer roll changes. You can also wrap pallets faster.  
Up to 63% More
Cost of Packaging   Uses less pallet wrap film by weight than other hand wrap films  
Up to 14% Less

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Precisionrap XL

Ergonomic: Walk forward, No bending

The PrecisionrapXL system puts the performance of expensive automated pallet wrap machines in the palm of your hand.

The Dispenser:

  • High visibility & safety conscious colouring 
  • Adjustable 3 setting braking system
  • Attachable Magnet Pads
  • Durable coreless pallet wrap insert
  • Ergonomic comfort grip handle
  • re-stretch rollers for optimum pallet wrap application

The Coreless Pallet Wrap:

  • Designed exclusively for the precisionrapXL®  dispenser system.
  • High-performance cast pallet wrap film with a one-sided cling.
  • Pre-Stretched. Offering same (or better) load stability with less product, less physical energy, and greater control.
  • Coreless.  Eliminates paperboard core and pallet wrap is 100% recyclable
  • 440mm roll that is 457 metres in length (609m when applied)

Traditional Vs Precisionrap XL

See how much more efficient you could be just by using the Precisionrap XL

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