Pallet Wrapping Machines

Pallet wrapping machines are used in warehouses around the world with a high volume of pallets being stored and/or leaving the warehouse for transit.

Over the years, pallet wrapping has changed toward being more economic with advances with machinery, dispensers and pallet wrap. 

Stretch Wrap Machines & Dispensers

At Armagrip, we specialise in finding the right product for the right warehouse. In recent years, the attraction of stretch wrap machines has proved a popular choice along with the advancement of machines that wrap pallets with stretch wrapping. However, as of late, we have found that many busy warehouses have a small number of machines but with a high volume of pallets that need to be wrapped and loaded, creating a bottleneck of pallets awaiting wrapping.

This is where a product such as the PrecisionrapXL dispenser becomes a great choice. Not only is it economic due to using stretch film wrap but as it is manual rather than a machine, it clears the bottleneck as anyone can wrap the pallet there and then. Due to its ergonomic design, the handheld wrapping system is safe to use as it can be used with one hand with no bending and no walking backwards.

PrecisionrapXL - Handheld Pallet Wrapping System

  • SAFER: No more bending or walking backwards
  • EFFICIENT: No bottlenecks waiting for wrapping machines
  • ECONOMIC: Lower cost per pallet & no cardboard

PrecisionrapXL is a unique patent protected handheld pallet wrapping dispenser; the safe, and easy to use solution to all of your pallet wrapping needs. Learn how simple it is to use PrecisionrapXL - a few quick steps are all it takes!

“There’s nothing else in the market that even comes close to being as effective or as consistent to use as PrecisionrapXL. It's like putting a quality control manager at every wrap station because everybody does it exactly the same. If you’re concerned about providing a level of load integrity to every product that goes out the door - this is the best system on the market, bar none!”

Bob Walsh
Inventor, PrecisionrapXL

Pallet wrapping machines allow you to use stretch shink wrap in variously sized warehouses for pallet wrapping. We specialise in handheld pallet wrap dispensers, which come free when you buy suitable pallet wrap.

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