Once our packaging consultants have diagnosed the challenges you are facing and identified your process requirements we implement a series of design strategies looking at both product design and process improvement. We understand every company's requirements are different and ensure the design solutions we implement fit with your needs not ours.

We ensure the design of the packaging is not only cost effective but also environmentally friendly and reliable to ensure your products arrive at their destination in the condition they left your building. We have a comprehensive selection of packaging solutions from leading brands as well as specialist bespoke packaging designers and a network of suppliers across Europe and the Far East if required.  

  • New generation, high performance palletwrap films
  • Review of cardboard grades. Less for more!
  • Change void fill for newest technology products

We also offer a range of packaging processes including ideas that can make life easy on both the shop floor and in the office.  These solutions can include

  • Stock Management
  • Automatic Replenishment
  • Waste Management Reporting

If would like to learn more about the solutions we offer and you would like one of our packaging consultants to get in touch you to see how we can help then please contact us on 0800 0151 679 or through our online form.

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