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LiteWrapperCL: Stretch your profits

When you need to stabilize the load on a pallet, three things are important;

  • First: Speed - Has to be done fast
  • Second: Cost efficiency - for the lowest cost
  • Third: Ergonomically - Without the risks of H&S and Workplace injury concerns

LiteWrapperCL offers it ALL. More cost effective than any other wrapping system in the market, very ergonomic, easy and fast to operate.

The state-of-the-art film and LiteWrapperCL dispenser system lets you wrap more pallets with 1 roll. The film load holding capabilities lock the product in place and onto the pallet as soon as the film is applied eliminating load shifting. With no paper core the roll of film is used to the end with no core to dispose of.

- Easy - Ergonomic - Economical -

Takes a load off your hands...

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LiteWrapperWith LitewrapperCL you can wrap a complete pallet in less
than 1 minute, walking forward and without bending.
Faster than a pallet wrapping machine!

The patented LiteWrapperCL dispenser is made of strong,
light weight products like aluminium and plastic. You operator can
hook-up to the pallet and wrap with only 1 hand with minimum effort.

Reliably serving the industry since 1997